Official update received June 23rd 2006:

Summertime has officially started. It’s light early in the mornings and late in the evenings. Lawns are being mown, birds are chirping away merrily and barbecues are being dragged from the garage to be dusted down and fired up.

Summer means that sport is on everyone’s mind. Will England get to the World Cup Final – It’s nearly Wimbledon – can Andy Murray do what Tim never managed?

And more importantly, it’s nearly Cannonball Run time!

Where will the Cannonball go this year? North, south, east or west, the first people to know will be this year’s entrants as they rip open their mission packs on the start line!

On Sunday July 9 will be setting off on this year’s adventure from the Oatlands Park Hotel in Surrey. Meeting at 12.00, the first car will be leaving at 3.30pm. Tuesday will – as always – be a highlight as our Cannonballers have exclusive use of a race track somewhere well away from Surrey (but we won’t tell you where of course!). Several more days and night s of driving and partying later, the Cannonball run will screech to a halt in Brussels for that famous final night black tie party on Friday July 14.

Look out here for more Cannonball updates as the countdown clock ticks towards Cannonball time!

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