Polizei 144 Overcome Sabotage, Treachery, Win 2006 Gumball! 1st Place on Euro & US Legs; Opponents’ Hopes Dealt Annihilatory Death Blow.

Alex Roy, Team Polizei’s Founder and Primary Driver, is the most Notorious & Decorated Extreme Rally Driver in the World. His Numerous Victories and Escapes from the Police have made him the Leading Spokesperson for Extreme Motorsport – the Nexus of Auto Racing and Extreme Sports.

“First Has A Quality All Its Own”

Team Polizei Master Pilot Michael Ross put it succinctly as he and Team Captain Alex Roy crossed the finish line to win the 2006 Gumball on Sunday, May 7th, at 2:46 PM PST, having overcome the sabotage and treachery of their foes, and smiling with delight as their opponents’ hopes were dashed along with the residual value of the competing cars.

Team Polizei Metes Out Punishment

Of course, since the Gumball is a rally, not a race, the Polizei’s multiple 1st place finishes, although verified by Gumball staff, multiple fans, other drivers, ALK-Copilot Live Tracking, press and local police, cannot be declared official, at least until the statute of limitations runs out in the United States.

The final US leg was characterized by mercliess punishment of various Ferraris, including an F50 & an F430, neither of whom could best the Team Polizei Bentley’s 7.5 mpg at 140 +mph cruising speeds. Combined with the first-ever deployment of the Polizei Air Unit (Bell Jet Ranger Spotter Chopper) and a temporary truce with Team Torquenstein, Team Polizei was able to build a strong pace – too strong even for the Utah or California Highway patrol to catch them on their 160+mph Death Valley run through backroads.

The Truce with Team Torquenstein was difficult to maintain, as both team were eager to win the final US leg. However, after many hours of dueling, both team agreed roll into the finish line together, declaring a tie for the final stage.

Even with this tie, Team Polizei’s overall point rankings were so overwhelming that no other team could even pretend to claim the glory that the Polizei’s mere presence bestowed upon the winner’s circle.

For example, Team Polizei built such a commanding lead on the European leg that difficulties on the Thai leg barely affected their overall point rankings. The Polizei, having run over debris from a Lamborghini crash, were delayed 2+ hours as repairs were completed. Roy and Ross, having decided to forfeit the day’s drive, instead took a sightseeing tour of the Thai/Burmese border, delivering the Polizei’s warmth and friendship to an area blighted by the Golden State of Myanmar’s military dictatorship.

Team Polizei will issue a detailed round-up of the final 48 hours in the US as soon as possible (and various statutes of limitations run out).

Team Polizei Annouces Awards Competition!

It is very lonely in the Circle of Legendary Gumball Heroes, and the Polizei are always looking for new allies who won’t flee upon our well intentioned greetings.

In keeping with the tradition of Team Polizei’s past glories, we shall bestow a series of our own awards to fellow Gumball entrants from 2006, taking into consideration the opinions of Gumball fans and drivers.

If you have any nominations, please send them to us ASAP. The nomination box is open, and closes Monday, May 15th.

Vote to nominate Gumballers for the 2006 Polizei Gumball Awards!

Team Polizei is now in hiding during the mandatory annual Gumball recovery period. All questions during this period will be forwarded to our attorney in the Bahamas.

More updates to follow ASAP.

Warmest Regards,

Alexander Roy
Team Polizei

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