Just let me clarify the official arrival in Las Vegas.

The first check point was the Miller race track.
The second mandatory checkpoint was Bonneville
The third was Las Vegas driving the 93/318 NOT THE I15.

TORQ was the earliest to leave even before the official time !!! So it’s easy to finish first in that case ;-)

I left the Miller race track around 1.15pm this afternoon to go to Bonneville. On my way there I crossed team polizei and 3 others cars going back to Salt Lake. I’m sure they lost their way around the race track.

I made it 35mns later to the Bonneville check point. I asked the guy in charge of the check point if he saw Alex and he told me not. I was happy to be one of the first at this checkpoint.

After that I followed the road book and took the 93 south. I drove like a crazy driver (120-140mph). Soon I catched up with Team 72. We drove most of the day together at high speed. Only one blue ferrari (california license plate) passed us). Later we catched up with the guy after he got a ticket.

The 93 and 318 was a nightmare full of cops everywhere. We were able to make it in Las Vegas without a ticket !!! And the most important by respecting the roadbook. Can you imagine a 350Z in front of 2 ferraris driving together for one afternoon.

The easiest way was to take the I15. But most of the big name you mentioned before DIDN’T respect the official roadbook. So for my point of view all the drivers who drove the I15 should be disqualified.

By looking at the real result Team 72, 121 and the blue ferrari should be the one who finished this stage first.

Road Angel

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