Received Friday 19:41 SLC time:

We went to see the movie. Just a regular movie not a red carpet premiere. Very disappointed but good movie at least.


Received Friday 16:53 SLC time:

Salt Lake City update. A little bit disappointed no big stars as promised, movie premiere maybe cancelled because of the late arrival of the gumballers. Will keep you updated of what happens next.


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Saturday, May 06, 2006
First night with the gumball 3000

First evening with the gumballers in salt lake city. We were supposed to get a red carpet premiere. It was not a red carpet premiere just a regular movie that’s it. Nothing particular, the restaurant was good. In conclusion it was far from what we would have expected. It’s very disappointing. You pay a high entrance fee. And you don’t get what you have been expected. It was a purely misleading advertising. Let’s see what will happen tomorrow. As of today i’m not really impressed with the gumball organization. I hope they will improve quickly the quality of the entertainment. Road Angel


  1. Mission Impossible III is already in the cinemas here in the UK so I am not sure how it was supposed to be a premiere in the US…?!


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