Here’s an update from Martine McCutcheon. She is currently in Salt Lake City, driving to Vegas for a big party, featuring a performance from Snoop.

So, how was the party in Phuket on Wednesday?

It was so lovely and chilled. After a great, crazy night in Budapest, and a long flight from belgrade to Thailand, it was just what we all needed. The party was on a beautiful beach and the DJ was playing relaxing, chilled out tunes and we just lazed under the palm trees. It was heaven!

How was the drive the next day?

Well, I was a bit worried as we had to do 1,000 miles in just one day to get to Bangkok, but as we had had a chilled night, the girls and I were quite fresh for our epic journey! We actually had to go through a rainforest too which was just beautiful, and then we had to walk to this bay cave to get to our check point. There are thousands of bats in there – not my favourite part of the rally but the boys seemed to love it!

Where did to stay in Bangkok?

The mandarin Oriental, which is the no 1 hotel in the world, and I now know why! It was amazing! In the evening we went to Balarin Nam and all had to take a small boat ride over the river to get there from the hotel. Everyone had to take their shoes off and then we were treated to a traditional Thai meal and a traditional martial arts show. Then we took the boat back to the hotel and all headed out for a night out in Bangkok, which was enlightening for everyone!

When did you get to the US?

To be honest, I haven’t got a clue! My body clock is so messed up right now, i’m not even sure what day it is and neither does anyone else! But what I do know is that last night in salt lake city we got to go to the mission impossible 3 premiere which was brilliant! We also got to get a peak at Alaska on the way to salt lake as we stopped for fuel there – it was stunning.

Where are you off to now?

We’re just driving to Vegas which we’re all so excited about! We’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and there will be a huge party. Oh and snoop’s playing too!

Thanks Martine, catch up with you tomorrow.

No problem.



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