Had an excellent starting position from Phucket because of our performance in Serbia. We ran out of gas. Literally…. Stalled out in the line up, and couldn’t restart. We had to ship our cars with minimal fuel, and I guess we did a good job at it.

So, in pure Gumball spirit, I went around asking all the larger vehicles (incl 4 Range Rovers) for a spare gas can. The response was unambivalent. No, can’t help.

I have film of some of these vehicles with gas cans earlier. Made mental notes on who was lying or couldn’t be bothered. Including the support vehicles.

We crossed Thailand and reached Bangkok in very good time. Some help through Bangkok traffic was in the form of a privately hired police escort. Every single vehicle that said no to us arrived behind us. Even with the refueling time, we still left Phucket ahead of most. So there! You can’t hold us down.

Being a sanctioned event by the Thai royal family helps too. Even at 170mph the Thai police were waiving us on to higher speeds.

They even pulled a few trucks over for us – because they were slowing us down.

The FLA5H Murcielago is totalled. The other purple lambo, the Gallardo, had mechanical issues. (Bam’s). They arrived in the back of Team 666’s LM002.

Bam Margera’s Lamborghini:

Many Gumballers have decided to arrange their own transport back to the US via commercial and private charter. Julie (maxmillion’s wife) isn’t flying with us either.


Just kidding. Couldn’t risk putting Dustin on a G4 after he’s eaten Thai food….

But it does say something that the organizers won’t even fly on the transport they booked for the rally.

More en route to SLC.

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  1. Wtf?
    I dont get it, why would people pay extra money and charter their own planes when they just can use the gumball plane, and why didnt julie take the gumball plane. Do you mean that its unreliable, not safe or what?


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