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After driving through Thailand, the Gumballers will leave Asia. Today is the second big flight day, this time from Bangkok to Salt Lake City. Gumball goes to the United States for the third time. All times mentioned are local times.

Friday, 5th May:
At 9.00 AM the drivers check out of the Oriental Hotel and drive to the Airport of Bangkok.
At 1.00 PM the planes will take of to Salt Lake City
At 12.00 – 12.30 PM the planes arrive at Salt Lake City (clocks go back 15 hours!)
At 3.30 – 20.00 PM the Gumballers chill out and recharge at the Grand America Hotel.
At 8.00 PM the drivers go to see a ‘Mission Impossible III’ preview at the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatre

Salt Lake City

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