Martine Mccutcheon

Martine McCutcheion is doing Gumball in an only female team, with Lhotse Hawk, Max’s wife Julie and Caroline Chikezie.
Some stars will do anything to get themselves to Hollywood. In Martine McCutcheon’s case it will involve driving 3,000 miles via Thailand in a gingham Range Rover.

She said: “I’m so excited to be taking part in this year’s rally.
“I love cars and it’s great we are the only female car in the race. For me it’s all about the driving. It’s going to be an adventure.”

Interview with Martine McCutcheon

Is this your first time in the Gumball Rally?
It’s my first time driving in the rally but last year I flew out to the Budapest party to join my good friends Max and Julie

What made you enter this year?
My love for cars and Julie (Max’s wife) managed to twist my arm

What car are you driving and who are you driving with?
We’re driving a Range Rover – it’s an all girl car with Lhotse Hawk (Tony’s wife) Julie (Max’s wife) and Caroline Chikezie – from Footballers’ Wives, Aeon Flux and As If

Lhotse Hawk
Lhotse Hawk

Julie Cooper

Caroline Chikezie
Caroline Chikezie

What city are you most looking forward to driving round?
Everywhere in The States

What do you think will be best thing about the Gumball?
Getting to the finish line! It’ll be 8 crazy days!

What have you been up to recently? ie career stuff
I’ve been spending a lot of time writing my own music and I’ve also just finished a TV programme with Piers Morgan which is all about being famous.

What car do you drive normally?
At the moment I drive a jeep but I’m about to get a Range Rover

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