Team 24

Team 19 vs Team 24, in other words the Porsche GT3 vs the Ferrari Enzo. The Porsche GT3 reaches a stunning 317 km/h in this video shot during a leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in Morocco in May 2004. The Ferrari Enzo reached a record speed of 366 km/h during that day. The highest speed driven during the 2004 Gumball rally. The highest speed ever driven was 242mph by Arthur in his Koenigsegg in Gumball 2003 (thanks to Stuart for submitting this).

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  1. The top gumball speed was Arthur in his Koenigsegg who in the 2004 rally recorded a speed of 242mph on th etexas leg. This is possibly the top speed ever driven on the road.


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