Gumball 2006!

With the 8th annual Gumball 3000 just around the corner…

Gumball HQ is pleased to announce that the last few places on this years event are still available. This years event is the biggest ever going ‘around the world’ in just 8 days. With legs in Europe, Asia and America this will be a truly ground breaking event – almost a complete fantasy James Bond tour incorporating the most glamorous locations, private jets, 3 continents, palaces, 5 star hotels, incredible parties, amazing driving, F1 circuits and even finishing at the Playboy Mansion.

With the media already eager to get involved. There will also be a TV series, documentary and Hollywood feature film off the back of the 2006 Rally!

With cars ranging from Bugatti Veryons and one off Ferraris driven by Arab sheiks to eccentric car enthusiasts in 1970s Holdens, this year will provide the most amazing mix of cars ever to be seen together, a true spectacle for participants and crowd alike, this really will go down as being the most talked about event of the year. With 250,000 fans watching last years start we are expecting even bigger crowds this year. The rally is set to start at Regent Street on the 29th April so make sure that date is in your diary.

“Gumball is the coolest thing around.‿ Jay Leno, on the NBC Tonight Show, talking to Gumballer and Oscar winning actor, Adrien Brody.

“I had the ride of my life, Gumball is awesome.‿ Supermodel Caprice

There are only 10 spaces remaining and this years entrance fee is £40,000 (which includes everything except petrol and speeding fines for 2 people) for an event that will go down in history with memories that will last a lifetime. This really will be an unmissable experience! Although any car can enter, we give preference to those with the most interesting, rare or exotic cars (– remember that an Ice Cream Van or Robin Reliant has as much weight as a Ferrari Enzo!)

See you on the startline!

Maximillion Cooper

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