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Ghost Rider Chasing ZX-6R video

Team Ghost Rider just released a new downloadable video.

In the video “Officer” Ghost Rider is chasing a green Kawasaki ZX-6R somewhere in Sweden, most likely in Stockholm.
The quality of the video is crap and in the beginning the sun in shining and they’re driving towards it, so you can’t really see much from the tank camera. Other than that, it’s a good video and definately worth the download.

Santa is bringing another downloadable video of Ghost Rider on Christmas. I suspect Ghost Rider will be flooring it with his turbocharged 499bhp Suzuki GSX-R13000 Hayabusa in that one.

Download the video (Right click, save as)
Original Megaupload link (Very slow)


Originally posted on my blog: swear.cc



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