As some of you might have seen on last sundays Top Gear episode, a reporter of the german magazine Autobild crashed a Mercedes-Benz S class which wasn’t supposed to crash.

Stern, a german tv show, filmed a test of the Brake Assist Plus system which is applied in the new Mercedes S class. Brake Assist Plus is part of the Pre-safe systems in the new S-Class. It uses radar to monitor vehicles ahead; if the closing speed is too high or the gap is too small, the system will give a warning and prime the braking system. The instant the driver then touches the brake pedal, the system will then stop in the ideal braking distance – rather than the absolute shortest braking distance, to minimize the chances of a rear-end collision. If the system anticipates a collision, it tenses the seatbelts and inflates the air cushions in the front seats for support.

The video will show you that the system in this case didn’t work as it was supposed to:

Download the video (right click, save as)

Mercedes S class

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