Scul, member at the ultimate rally board, created an interactive database full of Gumball 3000 stuff.

It contains the routes from 1999 to 2005 with maps. Some text about the history. Most info is about the 2005 rally, including awards and a full database with all the drivers, and pics of the cars (and of most of the drivers).

It’s a great application full of interesting facts and full participant profiles!

It’s approx an 80 meg download, the server is kinda slow but it’s worth the wait:

Btw please be aware that due the environment this app is programmed in your computers will require some components to be able to run this piece of software.

MS Access (included in Office XP/2003) or the seperate Jet Runtime engine and Visual C++ Runtime.

Jet Engine:

Visual C++ Runtime:

Normal x86 package
AMD64 package

Most computers will already have these components so only download and install them if you run into problems…

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