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Nissan GT-R Clocks 7:29 on Nürburgring

As you can read in the title, the Nissan GT-R managed to do a lap on the famous Nürburgring or Nordschleife in only 7:29...

GT-R vs 977 Turbo vs ZO6

Nissan has just started with the delivery of the first GT-R's. This car is a new competitor on the market for Porsche. ...

Nissan GT-R prices

Nissan has officially anounced the prices for it's GT-R. For only € 119 900 ($ 182 500 - £ 91 900) it's all...

Nissan GT-R: Group N or V-Spec?

After the official presentation of the Nissan GT-R coupé, you should think there's nothing new left for the next 10 years. But that...

Nissan 350Z blows tyre at 200mph

This Nissan 350Z blows a tyre during a topspeed attempt at 200mph+, the Japanese driver manages to keep his car steady until he slows...