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Monaco 2012: Roding Roadster

Roding Automobile presented their hand built Roadster at Top Marques 2012 in Monaco. The small German manufacturer ‒ which was founded in 2008 ‒...
Geneva 2012 Roding Roadster

Geneva 2012: Roding Roadster 23

Here at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 you get all sorts of manufacturers, not just the big guys! Roding are a relative newcomer and...
Roding Roadster 23

Official: Roding Roadster 23

Roding have officially unveiled details of the Roding Roadster 23 ahead of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show where it will be displayed to the...

Roding Roadster to Debut at Geneva 2012

Roding Automobile will present the Roding Roadster at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The Roding Roadster is a two seat mid-engine sports car developed...