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Video: Lamborghini Club Meeting at Chiangmai Grandview

In order to celebrate new Lamborghini owner, Mr. Oak, Lamborghini Club Thailand decided to drive from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, and from Chiang Rai...

Blue Lamborghini Aventador at Lambo Meeting in Taiwan

We came across the following three pictures shot in Taipei, Taiwan during a Lamborghini meeting. The shots show some wonderful cars like a light...

Video: Lamborghini Gathering in Zadar, Croatia

The following clip shows a meeting of Lamborghini owners in Zadar, Croatia. The event was part of the 'Green vs. Sea trophy' race and...

Photo Of The Day: Panoramic View on St. Tropez Porsche Paradis

In line of our video of the day we like to share this panoramic photo of a Porsche meeting in St. Tropez, France back...

Gallery: BullFest 2010

It is not a secret that the USA is the biggest market for most supercars. One of them is Lamborghini, who is having its...