Few days ago the 2nd edition of THE ICE took place on the frozen lake of St.Moritz, Switzerland. This motoring event and International Concours d’Elegance had an incredible lineup of classic and racing cars.

Automobili Lamborghini’s heritage division “Polo Storico” started the company’s 60th anniversary celebration here on the lake with the one-off Miura P400 S “Millechiodi”.

“The ICE was a great opportunity for Polo Storico,” remarked Alessandro Farmeschi, Lamborghini’s Global After Sales Director, “because it brings together leading international collectors and their extraordinary vintage cars in a breathtaking location. As Polo Storico, we are dedicated to preserving the history of our company and our cars by performing major restorations, as well as studying and officially certifying our cars of the past and helping our customers to fully enjoy the classic Lamborghinis they own.”

A highlight of the concours d’elegance was the Miura P400 S “Millechiodi”, a car particularly cherished by Lamborghini Polo Storico because of its special history and because it bears the increasingly-coveted Certification of Historic Authentication: a recognition issued by Polo Storico for vehicles modified during their period of use with ascertained history and historical significance.

This example, a 1969 Miura P400 S, chassis number 4302, left Sant’Agata Bolognese in November 1969, painted Blu Notte (dark blue). Following a series of Italian owners, in 1975 it became the property of Giovanni Sotgiu and Walter Ronchi, two important names in Lamborghini history because, in addition to their work at the “Lamborcar” dealership in Milan, they were the first owners of Bob Wallace’s Miura Jota. Precisely in the spirit of recreating the Jota, the two transform the 400 S, damaged in an accident, into something much more racer-like. After a huge investment their Miura, now painted in Verde Scuro (dark green), is ready. It used so many rivets to join the body panels that the name Millechiodi (a thousand nails), came naturally. The car was restored in 2018 and certified by Lamborghini Polo Storico in 2020.

The rear section of the car reminds to the contemporary Porsche 917, while double rear taillights, quite similar to those used in that period in Italy, were mounted instead of Miura factory lights. On the other hand, the exhaust pipes and the rear end were similar to the official built Jotas. The particular form of the rear wheelarches eases the car to be recognized at once from a lateral view, even if the vehicle has already a well-defined form at his back. At the front we have Carello headlights with plexiglass cover and a full-width spoiler: today the quick refueling tank cap, mounted on the factory “Jotas” is missing. The whole interior has got SV styled upholstery and equipment.

A remarkable fuse and relais box is mounted in front of the passengers’ seat. As far as the repainting is concerned, the two former owners decided to use “British racing green” color hue. Specific technical characteristics of the engine are not known: we find long aspiration trumpets (without air filter boxes) and a free flow exhaust system. The engine has an 4.100 cc displacement, specific camshafts and valves. The engine no. 2511, now mounted on the Millechiodi, was originally mounted on a Miura P 400 delivered to the same “Lamborauto” dealership. Nowadays we don’t have further information about the first equipment engine (having n. 30437), replaced at an unknown time. “Millechiodi” (“Thousandnails”) refers to the many rivets that has been used on the car. This name, in conjunction with the vehicle itself represents the identity.

THE ICE is now a two days event, starting with a static display on Friday and Saturday is reserved for driving the precious cars on the snow-covered oval where during the previous 3 weekends the legendary White Turf horse races took place. Enjoy a selection of photos from the parc fermé and in motion.

The Millechiodi at some point had an encounter with a futuristic car designed also in Italy during the same time – a Lancia Strato’s HF Zero.

Lamborghini Polo Storico had a hospitality tent on the lake showcasing two other Miuras and a Countach under the Engadine sky.

More to come from THE ICE, watch out for the event coverage from our man on the lake David Kaiser, the event homepage is THE ICE.

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