2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII Series II: This is the Facelift

Rolls-Royce Phantom 8

This is the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII Series II. Adaptations to the new eighth-generation Phantom includes ‘light-touch’ visual as well as aesthetic enhancements as requested by the client.

Phantom’s commanding presence has been further enhanced by a new polished horizontal line between the daytime running lights above the Pantheon Grille. The Pantheon Grille makes the ‘RR’ Badge of Honour and Spirit of Ecstacy more prominent when viewed from the front and the grille is now illuminated.

In addition, the headlights are fitted with intricate laser-cut bezel starlight with visual connection to the starlight Headliner inside which as a result adds surprise and delight to Phantom’s night-time presence.

Phantom’s side profile retained Rolls-Royce’s signature short front, long rear overhangs, long wheelbase and broad C-pillar for greater privacy. The silhouette preserves the key lines running from the Spirit of Ecstacy to the rear tail, the split-belt line begins at the front fender and curves towards the rear door and the heavily undercut ‘waft-line’ creates a shadow that visually signals the marque’s unequaled ‘Magic Carpet Ride’.

The new Phantom has been fitted with a suite of new 3D milled stainless steel wheels with triangular facets available in fully or part-polished finish. Alternatively, Phantom may be presented with an elegant disc wheel produced in both polished stainless steel and black lacquer.

Darkened chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, windscreen surround and side frame finishers requested by Phantom clients may now be commissioned. This aesthetic enables Rolls-Royce to transform Phantom into the lightest of light or darkest or dark appearances.

The interior of the Phantom remains almost the same; the steering wheel is slightly thicker to ensure a more connected and immediate point of contact for the driver, the dashboard surround is made from a 3D printed ceramic and the largest canvas in the Phantom is the Starlight headliner.

The new Phantom features the debut of ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’ which enables the owner to send emails directly from the car from Whispers. ‘Rolls-Royce Connected’ also displays the vehicle’s location, security status and health conditions on whispers and at the touch of a button, the owner can contact a preferred dealership for any service requirements.

The marque has created a new bespoke masterpiece to mark the introduction of Phantom Series II and to illustrate Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke capabilities; Phantom Platino, named after the silver-white finish of platinum.

Phantom Platino introduces materials other than leather, a move demonstrating a greater acceptance of alternative interior upholstery. The front seats of Phantom Platino are finished in fine leather while the rear seats are upholstered in fabric.

The tone-on-tone Platino interior is achieved by combining two different fabrics; one created in an Italian mill and the other derived from bamboo fibers.



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