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Best Sounding V12 Supercars in the World 2021-2022

Apollo IE

10 years ago V12s were just as common as V8s, today the number has reduced drastically for both engines. V12s have been ‘restricted’ to million dollar hypercars while V8s are no longer available in the <$100k price range bar for a few American cars like the Ford Mustang. This list looks at the best sounding V12s in the world that one can buy new today. Sound is subjective but we believe this list comes closer to being perfect.


7. Ferrari 812 + Aftermarket Exhaust

Why aftermarket exhaust? Because of the current restrictions put on these cars. While manufacturers are forced to adhere to strict emission rules, the aftermarket world steps in with unfiltered solutions that allow these cars to bellow properly. The Ferrari 812 especially when paired with a Novitec export exhaust system sounds completely nuts and is one of the most affordable V12 supercars on the market today.

Engine: 6.5L V12 Naturally Aspirated
Output: 789-820hp (Superfast, GTS and Competizione)
Redline: 9,500rpm
Top Speed: 340km/h+
Price: $335k – $600k+




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