A few weeks ago, Russian architect and designer, Alex Nerovnya, revealed renderings of a house he designed to house Tesla’s new Cybertruck model. The design shares the Cybertruck’s minimalist looks and has been designed to house the Cybertruck under its edgy overhangs.

Nerovnya’s design blends a rugged environment with the simplistic, almost brutal, straight lines inspired by the Cybertruck. The large glass frontage reflects the environment around it, making the unconventional structure blend into the environment, as much as is possible.

Tesla Cyberhouse

The Cybertruck fits into the lower levels of the house as if it were a puzzle. The overhangs have been calculated such that house and vehicle become one. To complement the house, Nerovnya has also designed a Tesla CyberTrailer which is pictured here in similarly rugged surroundings.

Tesla Cybertruck Offroad

Explaining the design, architect Alex Nerovnya said: “From the standpoint of modern extreme minimalism, coupled with a touch of the 80’s industrial design aesthetic, the look of the Tesla truck actually makes sense. Where Tesla uses shockingly simple shapes to design machines for the future, we at Alex Nerovnya Architecture use similar tools to visualize what might be just around the corner for architecture.”

Tesla Cybertruck

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