Glickenhaus have released teaser images showing their upcoming Glickenhaus Baja Boot Model. The US company, backed by financier James Glickenhaus has been working on an off-road model to supplement its high end supercars. The Baja truck is intended to be a homage to the Steve McQueen Baja Boot. Steve McQueen’s original Baja Boot is a car Glickenhaus owns and has obviously inspired his latest model!

The Glickenhaus Baja Boot will be available in two spec’s ‘Race’ and ‘Road’. The Race model will be the most exciting with race suspension using high strength boxed lower control arms. 22 inches of suspension travel and dual shocks should mean that it travels rapidly off-road. The race models will use a version of General Motor’s LT4 engine tuned to 650 hp. It will use a Turbo 400 General Motors transmission with a 400-500 mile range fuel tank.

The Road model will use a smaller LT1 engine with 460 hp. Suspension will be a milder four wheel independent setup with Fox coilovers and ‘just’ 19 inches of travel. It will come with NHTSA Low Volume approval, a 17-digit VIN and will be road legal in at least 49 states. The fuel tank will be slightly smaller yet still capable of 400 miles of highway travel.

Two door models will be priced at $258,000 while the four door version pictured in the latest release will be priced at $287,500. Targetting… somebody… Glickenhaus will also offer a level 6 armour specification for $166,750.

The latest release suggests that the Glickenhaus Baja Boot will reach the first customers by 2019. 5 two door versions are to be released by the end of the year with three destined for customers. A two-door Race and a two-door Road are available. 20 cars will be made available for 2020 with 17 available to order. Manhattan Motor Cars and Ted Johnson’s Milestone Motors are the two confirmed dealers.

Glickenhaus still plans to drive the race version of the Glickenhaus Baja Boot from the factory to the Baja, race the Baja 1000, and then drive home.

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