Aston Martin’s joint venture with Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing gains an options list this week. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is already the company’s most customisable option, bespoke touches to each individual car come as part of the factory delivered package. Aston Martin’s Q service is able to go even further. There are even bespoke bodywork options!

A big part of the announcement is an interchangeable AMR Track Performance Pack. The individual parts are not road legal and can be interchanged with the existing road-legal parts. The parts include a new aerodynamic front clam delivering greater downforce and efficiency, a second set of all other exterior body panels, lightweight titanium brakes, track-focused suspension and a matte black magnesium performance wheel and carbon-fibre aero-disk set.

Clearly the parts will require specialist attention to switch out. The new parts will get three different AMR designs or a bespoke touch through Q by Aston Martin. The package will also arrive with a range of pit garage and race suit accessories.

Aston Martin have also announced four exclusive Valkyrie colours including Slipstream Green, Liquid Petroleum, Ethanol Silver and Maximum Orange. Elsewhere, the roof and engine cover are entirely customisable. The tailpipes can be finished in either silver or black while full titanium wing badges will feature for the first time.

The personalisation options are just as wide once you move into the interior. A wide choice of alcantara colours, patterns and finishes are available for the seats and six colours for the harnesses. Steering wheel switch gear can be finished in anodised silver, black or red. A Gold Pack features a 24-carat gold leaf design, similar to the Koenigsegg version, that is laid under the paint lacquer. The Mokume Carbon Fibre option pack adds carbon fibre to the inner scoop of the headlights, sidepod vanes, armrest, central interior vent and the steering wheel face plate.

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