Today, at the Finali Mondiali, Ferrari debuted updates to the Ferrari FXX-K in the form of the Ferrari FXX-K Evo. Prototypes had recently been spotted testing so it was no surprise when the sheets were eventually pulled off of the finalised design, It will be available as an extremely limited-run model and as an upgrade package for the existing XX cars.

Ferrari XX programme launched in 2005 with the FXX, based upon the Ferrari Enzo. The 599 XX followed shortly after and the FXX-K, once the LaFerrari was launched a few years back. All three models now boast and EVO model, the latest, a nod to the active role Ferrari XX clients play in Ferrari’s research and development process.

The Ferrari FXX-K Evo benefits from an extensive package that applies concepts derived from a variety of racing series ranging from Formula 1, GT3, GTE and Challenge. The 6.2 litre V12 and hybrid systems produce a maximum power output of 1,050 cv with more than 900 Nm of torque.

The EVO loses weight thanks to innovative carbon-fibre component crafting processes. The new aero package results in a 23% improvement over the standard model with 640 kg of downforce at 100 km/h and 830 kg at the car’s top speed.

The additional downforce is generated by a twin fixed wing and active rear spoiler. Two side fins and a central fin boost stability and generate vortex. The rear bumper features a larger rear wheel arch by-pass vent, increasing flow to the rear diffuser.

The front bumper also gets changes, the section between the headlights is hollowed out, making space for flicks and a vertical turning vane, as well as an additional intake ahead of the front wheels. A new front brake air intake has also been devised and the suspension specially calibrated to adapt to the new aerodynamic profile.

Inside, a new steering wheel, using Formula 1-derived integrated gear-shifting paddles has been developed. It features a KERS Manettino to improve control of that system and overall ergonomics. The rear video camera screen to the right of the driver has been replaced with a larger 6.5 inch version.

Ferrari have already put the Ferrari FXX-K Evo through5,000 km of development runs and 15,000 km of reliability test-drives. It will be available for the XX Programme in the 2018/2019 season. Ferrari have already confirmed nine track outings between the start of March and the end of October.

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