Notice has release its program for the current Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The Lusso has been on the market for less than a year. Novitec have created a package that adds some incremental improvements to the design. This package is for those that want something a little different to the serial model.

The package focuses on adding additional aerodynamic parts. Carbon fibre front spoiler lips are available, they fit to the original bumper. The rest of the package consists of a front valance, a set of side skirts, a rear spoiler, a rear roof spoiler, add on diffuser parts and a set of side mirrors.

For the engine, Novitec’s performance program is three stage. The first stage involves adding a new ECU mapping, releasing power of up to 691 hp at 7,700 rpm and torque of 857 Nm at 3,200 rpm. Performance also improves with the GTC4Lusso T hitting 100 km/h in just 3,3 seconds.

Two further stages add various exhaust improvements for a further 18 hp – up to 709 hp total. Stainless steel an incolnel exhaust systems are available with and without flaps. The incolnel version without flaps saves 11 kg of weight.

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