Earlier this week, news emerged that suggested Porsche would seek to recover damages from sister company Audi. The story emerged via German newspaper Bild. Bild alleges that Porsche will seek compensation in the region of 200 million euros.

The Dieselgate scandal has been well publicised already. Volkswagen Group admitted in November 2015 that approximately 80,000 3.0 litre V6 diesel engines were fitted with an auxiliary device designed to circumvent emissions regulations.

The Porsche Cayenne used this engine and Porsche wants compensation from Audi for the cost of retrofits, legal counselling and customer measures. Earlier this year, the German government ordered a recall of Porsche’s Cayenne and prohibited registrations of the model’s diesel version.

A spokesman for Porsche stated that VW Group’s internal issues were not meant for public discussion while Audi has allegedly declined to comment and referred inquiries to Porsche.

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