Smoking tires and flawless execution – the king of drift is back once more with a stunning video! Ken Block is notorious for his mastery of drifting. Placing the car in tight spaces, sideways, is a valid job description for Block, who has an array of spectacular videos demonstrating his unique skill set.

Driving around in a highly customised Ford, as usual, Block has taken it upon himself to race the notorious Pikes Peak course. A change of scenery from the more urban Gymkhana series, the course proved to be the ideal place for the 1,400-horsepower, twin-turbo methanol fuelled, 1965 Ford Mustang to let loose. Despite being a monumentally challenging course with 156 turns, Ken Block wouldn’t be Ken Block if it wasn’t for his ridiculous stunts and constantly smoking tires.

For this video Block partnered with Toys Tires – a wise decision on Blocks behalf, considering he eats through tires at the same rate you’d expect a formula 1 car to.

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