McLaren recently teased photos of the first test mule for their BP23 project. The unique selling point is the central driving position, marking the first time McLaren have used a three-seater layout since the legendary McLaren F1.

The BP23 will join the McLaren Ultimate Series, a designation for McLaren’s most extreme hypercars. McLaren are referring to the BP23 as the world’s first Hyper-GT on account of the practicality afforded by the three-seater layout. The prototype designation stands for 2nd bespoke project with 3 seats.

BP23 is being developed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) with each car tailored to the customers individual taste. Just 106 will be built, maintaining exclusivity. The mule is based on the McLaren 720S and is expected to feature electronic doors and bespoke interior switchgear.

Some are suggesting that another bespoke project will emerge before the BP23; the McLaren P15. The development process for BP23 is expected to be particularly complex, although customers will eventually get a car that allows three passengers and luggage to be transported with ease.

Before you ask, we have heard that all 106 are accounted for with customers putting down deposits. Customer deliveries should begin in 2019 indicating full details during 2018, perhaps at Geneva!

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