Johan Kristoffersson has won his third World RX of the season in a row today at the Canada RX, giving PSRX VW Team the fifth straight win in a row. Even more, teammate Petter Solberg finished in second place to complete a strong Canada RX outing for the team. Another WRC legend Sebastien Loeb finished the event in third place driving for Peugeot Team Hansen.

Kristoffersson now leads the standings with 211 points, followed by Solberg with 176 points, Mattias Ekstrom 158 points and Loeb with 144 points. In the Team’s category, PSRX leads with 387 points, Team Peugeot Hansen with 279 points is second while EKS is third with 236 points.

Both Solberg and Kristoffersson had a perfect outing this weekend, Kris won Q2 and Q4 while Solberg won Q3. They also won their respective semi finals and headed into the final heat in the best shape possible. They dived into turn 1 side by side, but Solberg gave in while braking in turn 2 allowing Kris to step away in the lead.

Solberg took an early joker on lap 2 hoping to undercut his teammate and rejoined behind Hansen in third. Kris likewise took his joker on the following lap and rejoined behind Hansen as well. They went into the final lap side by side, with Solberg attempting to distract Kris by moving off the line. But the championship leader did not have any of it, ending the battle by crossing the finish line in first place.

Hansen suffered a puncture and dropped back in order, allowing Loeb to jump into third place. Kevin Eriksson finished in fourth place in a Ford Fiesta ahead of Toomas Heikkinen’s Audi S1 and Timmy Hansen.

World RX of France is next on 1st September.

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