The second generation TopCar Porsche 991.2 Stinger GTR is on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. The Russian tuning company have created an 18-part package which fits to the facelift version of the 991 Porsche 911. We took a closer look!

The 18-part package adds some aggressive styling to the standard Porsche 911 Turbo models. The package includes replacement parts for the front and rear bumpers, front fenders and side skirts. TopCar fit new carbon elements on the doors, wider rear fenders, a carbon fibre hood and a new rear aerodynamic wing.

The front bumper has stabilisers in the middle and side air ducts. New front fenders now have GT3 RS style ducts. The new rear bumper comes with additional side air ducts and a big sport diffuser. The complete package is available exclusively in carbon fibre at a cost of 37,500 euros.

As well as the bodywork, TopCar offer a number of other items including ADV.1 wheels. TopCar also offer an advanced brake system, exhaust system, as well as increase in engine power up to 750 hp.

Geneva Motor Show 2017 GTspirit

For more information on the TopCar Porsche 991.2 Stinger GTR, click through to our earlier article. For more from the Geneva Motor Show 2017, make sure to bookmark our dedicated news channel and keep checking back.

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