In 2015 the Ferrari Enzo ZXX returned from Edo Competition in Ahlen, Germany. There it was modified from its former self into one of the ultimate performance machines.

ZR Auto recently released a video, after a screening at the Driven Show in Calgary, showcasing never before seen footage of the ZXX on the dyno.


There the car was put to the test, to see exactly how much power it would produce. Owner, Zahir Rana, always likes to be number one. The ZXX’s dyno results certainly prove that.

Though not faster than the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Ferrari Enzo ZXX reached a top speed of 398 km/h and produces a whopping 884 hp at 9,235 RPM and 594 lb/ft at 7,805 PRM. We think that’s pretty impressive.

Enjoy the video below showcasing the inciting indecent for the ZXX’s creation.


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