Exactly fifty days after Easter, “Whitsunday”, is a date that we instantly mark in our annual event calendar. It’s our car religion that has us traveling out to the Dutch TT circuit in Assen on this Sunday, ever since 402 Automotive first organized Supercar Sunday three years ago. The annual supercar event promises a comprehensive display of the latest and greatest from the automotive world, with a main focus on supercars – hence the name.

The past two events have been nothing short of a success and had a considerable crowd of petrolheads and supercar owners from a variety of countries travel out to the modest city of Assen in the North of the Netherlands. The city is however well-known among petrolheads, especially those who prefer two wheels instead of four. The massive TT weekend, traditionally organized around the MotoGP that has never passed on the TT Circuit of Assen ever since its first edition in 1949, attracts thousands of bikers and MotoGP fans from all over Europe.

Supercar Sunday is steadily getting there, albeit from a different magnitude given that it is a one-day event. The herds of supercars that take over the city during the event and the day before do make for an interesting sight, however. The line up of exclusive cars keeps getting more impressive by the year, as promised by the event organizers. After last year’s absolutely smashing presence of no less than five Koenigsegg hypercars, a Bugatti Veyron WRC, two Ferrari Laferrari’s, Several Porsche 918 Spyder’s, and a range of other bespoke cars, it is hard to imagine that it could get even better.

Supercar Sunday was sponsored by Dutch tire manufacturer Vredestein this year, and beforehand the many announcements of bespoke cars attending the event were indication enough that the event organizers were about to hit it bigger than ever before this year. During this year’s edition there were separate show paddocks for sponsors and a select amount of exclusive car dealerships from the Netherlands and Germany. German tuner Brabus and their affiliated tuning company Startech similarly had a separate presentation area at their disposal.

Despite the weather forecast not being in our favor, masses of car fans showed up at the circuit next Sunday. The weather was indeed precarious at best but the fact that it didn’t seem to keep the pricy exotics and their drivers away ensured that the supercar event was off to a good start, regardless of the heavy rain. Between some periods of heavy rainfall we managed to make a tour around the supercar paddocks that had some impressive supercars on display.

Just as we walk around the first paddock, a lime green Lamborghini Aventador SV makes a noisy arrival and joins two of its siblings, a blue SV and a yellow SV. The same stand is shared with the likes of several other Lamborghini Aventadors, A yellow Lamborghini Huracán and a yellow McLaren 675LT. The famous Bugatti Veyron WRC from our friends at DutchBugs was casually parked up alongside.

We continue our way towards the supercar paddock of Pace Car from Wuppertal. The honorable guests from Germany are for a great part responsible for Supercarsunday’s previous success, bringing a batch of mind-blowing cars to the event each year. Last year they stole the show with a range of hypercars including five Koenigseggs and a Ferrari LaFerrari. This year they moved part of their showroom to the Netherlands once again and if that weren’t already impressive enough, they also invited a few of their clients that own some very special vehicles indeed.

Upon entrance of the paddock, we are immediately greeted by a once-in-a-lifetime combo. A red 1,400 hp Koenigsegg Agera R shines alongside a yellow McLaren P1 GTR. A further look around draw our eyes towards a range of impressive cars including the holy trinity (McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder), another Lamborghini Aventador SV, the fabulous Porsche Carrera GT, an orange Koenigsegg CCXR, a Koenigsegg CCX Carbon Edition and you’d almost forget about the relatively rare Porsche 9FF GT9 CS in its blue and orange livery. Pace Car have outdone themselves once again with an absolutely breathtaking collection of super- and hypercars.

Having taken in the madness, we continue our tour around the show paddocks with the disbelief that there is even more to show for. As we head down in the direction of the track we pass Dutch car dealership ‘Hoefnagels’ that brought a Ferrari LaFerrari and four Ferrari 599 GTO’s to the show. Traditionally the Netherlands’ most well-known exclusive car dealership Louwman made it to the event as well, displaying a range of McLaren’s including the 675LT, 650S and more.

Finally we arrive at the tuning area where there are a range of spiced up supercars and sports cars. Prior-Design from Germany sure had a firm presence with their eccentric PD458 standing out from the rest. Brabus of course had a collection of tuned AMG’s on display, as well as a Startech Bentley among others. Their line up was happily endorsed and supplemented by the ‘MIB’ (Men in Brabus) Gumball 3000 team that brought their insane Brabus 4×4 squared to the track. Following the gigantic Brabus G-Class into the pitlane, we are presented by a few other familiar looking cars from the Masters of Speed Gumball team.

Their Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 was being prepped inside, ready to hit the track. Just like last year, their insanely SLS AMG GT3R race car made it to the party too, offering thrilling passenger rides to those willing to make a donation to the Laureus Foundation. Walking down the pitlane accompanied by the symphony of raw supercar sounds echoed by the track’s grandstand, we settled down at the very end hoping to get some solid shots of the hypercars rushing by.

Later in the afternoon the sky started clearing up slowly and it was finally time for the parade lap. There was barely a free seat left on the grandstand and the pitstop was absolutely buzzing with some of the world’s most special modern supercars. Our personal highlight of the day, the McLaren P1 GTR, lead the pack together with its black P1 counterpart. Before the last supercars in the line made it out of the pit-lane, the first were already lining up right before the finish line. To get a glimpse of this truly unique sight, we were temporarily allowed on the track with the hope to get some clean shots of the insane line up.

After the moment of glory at the circuit’s starting grid and a few more hot laps around the track, the first supercars started to leave towards the end of the afternoon. After getting a few more clicks in we head for the exit of the TT circuit via the entrance tunnel, where we witness a few more last roar’s and accelerations whilst walking out. Thank you Supercar Sunday for having us, until next year!

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