Just around the same time BBC have released the premiere date of the new Top Gear season, previous Top Gear stars have finally decided on a name for their new and upcoming Amazon Prime car show.

Their initial idea was to name the car show ‘Gear Knobs’, but that name was soon out of the question because the BBC opposed to the word ‘Gear’ being used in the title. After some serious brainstorming the trio came up with the name ‘The Grand Tour’.

The thought behind this name is the fact that their whole show and setup is basically one large tour around the world. They live and film out of tents and they frequently change locations, explains Jeremy Clarkson.

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For the occasion, Clarkson hosted a live Q&A on his Facebook page giving fans the opportunity to ask anything about the name and the upcoming show. In traditional fashion, he can’t help but to mock some of the criticizers that aren’t too fond of the name in a hilarious way. For example, a Graham Doyle said: “I think you could have done better with the name…..” and Jeremy Clarkson answered: “Said a man called Graham.”

Luckily besides all the fun talk there were some serious questions that yielded informative answers. The Q&A pointed out that the tent or portable studio will visit many countries, and three complete sessions will be recorded in the UK. Tickets should become available for fans that would like to attend one of these in-tent live shows. After the trouble the trio ran into whilst filming in Argentina with Top Gear, Clarkson ensured that they will not be returning to the South American country.

Finally it is not yet clear when the first episodes will air, but the show will be globally available at the same time. For more information, feel free to find your way through the Q&A on Clarkson’s Facebook page that has received well over 3,000 comments.

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