Appearing at the Wörthersee tuning festival in Austria this year is the world’s first Audi RS6 in a sedan guise. The C7 generation Audi RS6 was officially released as an estate-only car, with the most powerful C7 generation sedan being the S6.

Now it seems like someone took the initiative of placing an RS6 engine into the sedan body. Besides the engine change, the owner also seems to have adapted to the RS6 dynamic styling and added in some visual extras such as custom wheels and a lower ride height. Finished in Audi’s ‘Mocha-latte’, this particular RS6 and possibly the only one on earth with this body style, looks rather fascinating.

No performance figures have been released but it would not be strange to assume that this RS6 may very well be faster than the original RS6 Avant. Mike Crawat Photography was on scene to take some photos, let us know what you think about this rather special RS6 C7 sedan and whether Audi should look into releasing an RS6 sedan of the next generation A6.

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