While Jaguar’s design chief Ian Callum just recently said that they would not be releasing anymore wagon variants of the XE and XF, he now put the record straight and hinted at a longer version of the Jaguar XF.

He did so in an exclusive interview with AutoExpress, and said he was misquoted previously about whether there would be any future Jaguar station wagons planned. Apparently, he was just asked about the Jaguar XE, not the XF. When this time asked about a possible XF estate he replied: “That would be a very pretty car”.

AutoExpress understood that the future XF Sportbrake has already been signed off on and could make its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Exclusive images show what the XF Sportbrake could potentially look like, boasting the same front as the saloon with the signature J-blade headlights.

The rear would be closely related to that of the outgoing model while featuring a bit more of a coupé-like shape than you would normally see on an estate. Luggage space should be slightly up from that of the XF sedan while with the seats folded down, the new estate could offer up to 1,700 liters of storage space. The Sportbrake expectedly comes with an electric tailgate as well.

While traditionally there is little demand for estate cars in both the U.S. and China, the upcoming Chinese market may be transitioning towards more practical cars as the one-child limit was lifted a while ago. Taking that into consideration, Ian Callum went on and said: “I’ve spoken to a number of Chinese about wagons, there’s a general feeling that as the market changes and families grow, the need for a more practical car than a sedan becomes more necessary.”

Trims and styling are expected to match that of the XF sedan, with the engine range being similar to what’s currently offered. What is new however, is a possible and very exciting SVR version of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake that is set to rival the likes of the successful Audi RS6 and AMG-powered estates.

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