This Thursday Bugatti opened its first European Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom in the Bavarian capital Munich. The morning after the official opening party we met up with Guy Caquelin, Bugatti’s Regional Director for Europe and Russia, and Rainer Dörr, Managing Director of the Dörr Group that manages the new Bugatti showroom in Munich as well as the existing showroom in Frankfurt.

Following the official opening of the first Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique in Tokyo, Munich is soon followed by the opening of the Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique in Monte Carlo. You might wonder why Bugatti specifically chose Munich as location – the answer has two sides. First of all Munich is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany and home to many existing Bugatti customers and the region is responsible for a significant amount of the Bugatti Chiron pre-orders. On the other hand Munich is also the German capital for ultra high-end fashion and the people in Munich are not afraid to show their style either.

As we walk into the showroom on the corner of the Frauenstrasse 30, a stones-throw away from the famous Viktualienmarkt and the Isartor the first thing that catches our eye is a silver with dark blue Bugatti Chiron. “Only two weeks after the introduction of the new Bugatti hypercar at the annual Geneva Motor Show it is a great honor to have the Bugatti Chiron celebrate its German debut in Munich” says Rainer Dorr.

I will not go into too much detail regarding the Bugatti Chiron as most information can already be found in the extensive article we published after the official unveil in Geneva. Interesting to note however is that the Chiron on display in Munich will only stay for the next two or three weeks.

If we look beyond the car we see a new Bugatti brand style in the showroom’s interior. A slick white wall with adaptive ambient lighting and a black frame with two screens that can be used to configure a customers vehicle cover the back wall of the showroom. On the other side the three key characteristics of Bugatti are shown: Art, Forme and Techinique. There are three custom made carbon fibre and leather seats and models of historic, modern and future Bugatti models on display. Worth mentioning is the scale model of the upcoming Bugatti yacht by licencee partner Palmer Johnson– which is a masterpiece in its own right.

Directly connected to the showroom area is the Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique where the new Bugatti fashion and accessories collection is on display. For now they sell primarily men’s fashion along with accessories for both men and women. The menswear offering consists of two separate collections, a sporty one, the Bugatti Performance line, and the EB Ettore Bugatti line which includes (tailor-made) suits and hand made shirts from the finest materials. All items are numbered and limited to 431 pieces – a reference to Bugatti’s top speed world record set at 431 km/h. We particularly like the sporty range and love the attention for detail. All fashion pieces are made in Italy and designed by a Bugatti art director in house.

Bugatti Munich Lifestyle Boutique EB Ettore Bugatti Collection
The lifestyle collection and boutique opens the brand up to fans and fashion connoisseurs who might not be able to afford a car but still have strong affection for the French brand. In addition to the Bugatti fashion and accessories there is more on display and for sale in the Boutique; There are several watches from Bugatti watch partner Parmigiani Fleurier on display as well as glass art from Lalique and fine office accessories from Montegrappa.

Already one day after the opening of the new showroom Guy Coquelin and Rainer Dörr call the new location a great success and mention the appeal of the Bugatti Chiron is overwhelming. “The Bugatti Chiron has a very strong appeal to new customers that have not owned a Bugatti before”, says Guy Coquelin. “A significant share of the 170 pre-orders we have received for the Chiron are from new customers”, he adds. 10% of the Bugatti Chiron pre-orders are from Germany and many of those from the Munich area, adding to the importance of the new showroom.

Bugatti Munich Boutique (15)

Globally Europe is the number one market for Bugatti. In Europe Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are the most important countries for Bugatti. It has been that way for the Veyron and the trend is the same for the new Chiron. This is quite exceptional as many other hypercar models see stronger sales in Asia, Middle East and the United States. Another interesting fact is the growing number of multi-owners as Guy Coquelin calls it. These owners have more than one Bugatti in the garage. Existing Veyron multi-owners also received priority for ordering the Chiron and will be among the first customers to take delivery of their new car.

In Germany Munich is the fourth official showroom location following Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Rainer Dörr told us they will open a service center for Bugatti in the upcoming Motor World Munich as soon as the Motor World opens its doors to further enhance service for Bugatti customers in the area.

Bugatti Chiron Munich Boutique

The new Bugatti München Boutique & Showroom is open Monday til Friday from 10am til 6pm and Saturday from 10am til 2pm. Potential Bugatti Chiron customers can make an appointment also outside opening hours to spec their car. Ordering a new Bugatti is an act surrounded by ceremony and includes an invitation to the headquarters in Molsheim to personalize the vehicle and see the production facilities where each Chiron is produced by hand. Don’t wait too long though as the waiting times are already up to over two years now with only around 50 Chirons leaving the factory every year.

Bugatti Showroom & Lifestyle Boutique Munich

Frauenstrasse 30 (Altstadt-Lehel)
80469 München
Tel. +49 89 25547937

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