Ferrari has today tested the new Formula 1 Halo cockpit at the ongoing pre-season testing in Barcelona, becoming the first team to publicly do so.

The new Halo cockpit concept is built in such a way that it protects the driver from flying debris in the instance of a crash. The central strut is positioned in a manner that does not affect the driver’s visibility during a race. The concept was developed by Mercedes and is one of the solutions currently being evaluated by FIA.

Meanwhile, Kimi Raikkonen set the fastest time so far in the pre-season testing during today’s morning session, and while doing so he also bolted the Halo cockpit. Raikkonen’s time of 1m 22.765s was achieved using the new Pirelli ultrasoft tires.

Regarding the halo cockpit, a recent statement by the FIA said, “All stakeholders are working together to make this a reality, with the “Halo” concept currently the preferred option. Other options, such as transparent cockpit protection, will continue to be evaluated.”


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