Celebrating its 120th birthday, ABT Sportsline will present a tuned Audi A4 at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Badged the ‘ABT AS4’, the Germany-based tuning company has increased the power and torque of the 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine to 325 hp and 680 Nm from 272 hp and 600 Nm respectively.

ABT Audi AS4 (2)

In order to make the AS4 put its power perfectly on the black top, ABT has also equipped it with the unobtrusively racy Avant height adjustable suspension springs. Furthermore, there’s also a customised aerodynamics package, which includes a new front skirt, a front grille, fender inserts and a rear skirt set with the characteristic four-pipe exhaust pipes. Finally, customers will get options for 19- or 20-inch custom wheels, which can be bought in combination with high-performance tyres.

“The A4 is certainly mainly responsible for the company’s growth and for us always has been very important as well,” says Hans-Jürgen, CEO of ABT. “The A4 is the benchmark among medium-sized premium cars and for us a challenge we have always liked rising to.”

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