Luxury property and hospitality group Lux* Resorts & Hotels just opened their second hotel along the ancient Tea Horse Road in China. The Lux* Tea Horse Road Benzilan officially opens its doors and joins the previously opened Tea Horse Road Lijiang hotel. With two of the Lux* Tea Horse Road resorts opened, there are four more hotels in the luxury hotel chain’s pipeline.

The “once in a lifetime” experience that LUX* anticipates to create, is in the case of the Tea Horse Road resorts inspired by one of the greatest journeys of all time. Their exclusive boutique hotels are strategically located along the ancient Tea Horse Road. The ancient Tea Horse Road once served as a trade route through Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet. The name of the trade route was derived from the fact that for thousands of years, traders in the Chinese Sichuan and Yunnan provinces exchanged tea for horses.

LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan is situated in the always sunny Benzilan valley, which is home to the Yunnan province. The resort’s exact location comprises of a former strategic post along the Horse Tea trading route, making it perfectly suitable for adventurous getaways to the nearby sacred glaciers of the Meili Mountains.

Blessed by the likes of traditional Tibetan design, the use of traditional and local materials have been blended in with the architecture wherever possible. The LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan offers guests a variety of meals at their all day restaurant, a swimming pool to freshen up and features 30 Tibetan-inspired rooms and suites with views of the snow-capped Baima Mountains.

To personalize the experience, LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan organizes exploration trips to the nearby glaciers, tailor-made hikes and mushroom-picking missions. Other authentic experiences comprise meditating with the in-house master as well as meeting the spiritual guide of the nearby monastery.

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