McLaren has officially announced the end of the P1’s production run. The 375th car recently left the production line bringing an end to a two and a half year production run. McLaren haven’t fully concluded P1 operations yet though. McLaren Special Operations appear to have a number of special projects in hand…

The very first McLaren P1 left the production line during the summer of 2013 with a sold out production run planned. The first car was Ice Silver and built to the owners exacting specifications. Every car that following it was bespoke, featuring unique individual touches to insure that no two cars were the same.

The final car is finished in pearlescent orange with the only visible raw carbon fibre on the splitter, diffuser and the aerodynamic blades along the lower body. The wheels are finished in silver. Inside, the bespoke touches are crystal clear. The 375th P1 gets gloss black detailing for the switchgear, instrument bezels and air conditioning vents. The carbon fibre-shelled racing seats are upholstered in black and orange Alcantara.

Prior to completion of the production run, McLaren had been managing one car per day, with some individual projects taking up to 17 days to complete. The final McLaren P1 GTR’s are yet to leave the production line, however, this is expected to happen early in 2016. No decision has been made on a McLaren P1 successor yet, although we’re certain that there will be something special in years to come.

In total, McLaren have built 13 “eXperimental” prototype models, 5 validation prototypes, 3 pre-production cars and 375 production cars. Each P1 has taken up 800 hours of production time with 105 employees involved in each build. On top of this, each car received between 5 and 8 litre of base coat and 8-9 litres of lacquer depending upon the colour.

In the end 34 percent of cars went to the Americas, 26 percent to Europe, 13 percent to the Middle East and Africa and 27 percent to Asia Pacific. The most popular colour? Volcano Yellow.

Now that the production run is complete McLaren Special Operations will build a limited run of full-body visual carbon conversions. A number of existing P1 chassis’ will receive a specialised conversion with all painted panels replaced with carbon fibre versions.

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