With the obvious exception of the 950 hp strong Ferrari LaFerrari, the F12tdf is the craziest and fastest production-car ever produced by the company. While it was only recently launched, Evren Milano has already rendered an Aperta (convertible) version of the F12tdf.

While on first impressions it may seem unlikely Ferrari will launch such a car given the philosophy of the F12tdf and the well documented disadvantages of performance drop-tops, there is a chance an F12tdf Aperta will become a reality. After all, the potent 599 GTO of 2010 spawned a convertible variant in the form of the 599 SA Aperta.

Obviously distinguishing the F12tdf Aperta presented from the regular model is the absence of a fixed hardtop and the inclusion of a folding soft-top and a new rear decklid.

Will such a car become reality? We’ll just have to wait and see.

VIAEvren Milano
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