Lexus lifted the veil on the LF-FC concept at Tokyo as a preview to the next-generation LS. Based on past experience, particularly with the Lexus NX, we expect the production-spec Lexus LS to look very similar to the concept and thankfully, RM Design has rendered just that.

Of course, the main points of difference between the car rendered and the Lexus LF-FC concept are those necessary to make it street-legal. For example, simpler wing mirrors have been fitted as have more conventional door handles and wheels. Additionally, the headlights have been paired-back from the concept’s with the front bumper also incorporating some fog lights.

At this stage, specifics about the next-generation Lexus LS are unknown. It seems inevitable however that it will also draw on the LF-FC from a technological standpoint. If that is the case, then a hybrid variant of the LS could be offered complete with in-wheel motors and intelligent torque distribution.

VIARM Design
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