Video: Gordon Ramsay Goes to Ferrari’s Fiorano Track

    Alongside being one of the world’s most famous chefs and a recognisable TV personality, Gordon Ramsay is also a massive Ferrari enthusiast and one of just 499 people in the world to own a Ferrari LaFerrari.

    While in Italy recently Ramsay headed to the Ferrari factory in Fiorano and also had the opportunity to hit the famous Fiorano test track onboard the brand new 488 GTB. Before jumping behind the wheel of the Italian firm’s latest model, Ramsay went for a thrilling passenger ride with Ferrari’s chief test driver around the circuit.

    Throughout his successful career, it is reported that Ramsay has owned in excess of 15 Ferrari models including an F12 Berlinetta, 458 Italia and 550 Maranello. Back in late March, he took delivery of his LaFerrari which has been painted in a dark shade of silver with a matte black wheels, black five-spoke wheels and yellow brake calipers.

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