LUX* Resorts & Hotels will open four new properties in the regions of Indian Ocean, China and the Middle East by 2017. Of those, the property in Middle East will come up on the coastline of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates in late 2016 and will be the Mauritius-based company’s first project there.

Meanwhile, the new property in China will be the LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzalin that is expected to open as early as December 2015. The hotel will be linked to its sister property in Lijiang with a “carefully defined route that follows the original path of the ancient trade route”.

This boutique hotel along the LUX* Tea Horse Road circuit will be situated on the edge of the Yangze river and will be located in the core of the sun-drenched valley of Benzilan in the Yunnan province of China. It will welcome visitors that are making their way to the “sacred glaciers” of the Meili Snow Mountains to a phenomenal 30-room mountain retreat hotel. The decor is Tibetan-inspired and the hotel will provide unparalleled views of the snow-capped peaks of Baima Snow Mountains.

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