Video: Crazy Chevy Powered Ferrari 250 GTE

    In the world of Ferraris, there are none more exclusive or desirable than the 250-series of models. Offered in a range of variations, including the 250 GTO which just so happens to be the most expensive car ever sold at auction, the 250 is iconic. Another 250 branded model is the GTE with it essentially being a four-seater variant of the GTO but with a bespoke new design.

    While the vast majority of Ferrari owners would never even consider modifying their vehicles, the following owner isn’t one of them. As a matter of fact, it is powered by a Chevrolet DZ302 V8 engine mated to the 6-speed manual transmission from a Dodge Viper.

    The owner originally just purchased the body of the 250 GTE meaning it features a completely bespoke frame and apart from the body, the only legitimate Ferrari components is the windshield and some of the badges.

    This really is a car you have to see to believe.

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