As part of Koenigsegg’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum on its website, the company’s founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, has confirmed that the Swedish marque currently has no plans of offering a supercar with between 500 and 700 hp.

Von Koenigsegg described the current supercar scene as a “hornet’s nest” where there are multiple automakers directly competing against each other. By comparison, the current hypercar realm which Koenigsegg occupies is relatively quiet with few marque’s offering as much power or the promise of the speeds Koenigsegg claims.

According to Christian von Koenigsegg “You have Porsche trying to outdo Ferrari. You have McLaren trying to outdo Ferrari. You have Ferrari trying to outdo McLaren, Porsche and Lamborghini. There may be a bit of over-production going on there, too.

“I think we could make a very exciting, very interesting car in that horsepower range. A car that would be desirable to a lot people. However, as we are a small company compared to the others, our cars would be much more expensive due to our production methods and production setup.”

The company’s founder also questioned whether supercar manufacturers operating in this market are making money with their models.

He didn’t rule out the possibility of Koenigsegg eventually offering a more affordable supercar but did say “right now we have other priorities”.

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