The Nissan GT-R will never be available as a station wagon or an estate. Nevertheless, Rain Prisk Designs has decided to render just that evidently taking inspiration from the likes of the Ferrari FF.

If Nissan were to create a GT-R station wagon, it’s inevitable that GT-R enthusiasts would heavily protest against it. With that being said, it would redefine the industry of high-performance station wagons. The car presented here remains identical at the front as the GT-R sedan while the rear and roof have been extensively altered to create the new body style.

While no station wagon GT-R is on cards, rumours suggest that the R36-generation GT-R will be available as a sedan. However, that model is tipped to be branded as an Infiniti.

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  1. It’s a interested car to look at, as am a big GTR fan!!.. but the one thing is as I had a good look at the picture, it does have a big front end for a hachback looking car but that’s the angle of the picture, am mybe wrong who know…but its not the some.! It always need it’s back end.


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