Earlier in the month, Kylie Jenner was given a Ferrari 458 Spider for her 18th birthday from her rapper boyfriend and known supercar collector, Tyga. In typical Jenner/Kardashian style, Kylie hasn’t left her Italian supercar stock for very long.

The crew at Calabasas Luxury Motorcars in California were tasked with turning Kylie’s 458 Spider into a truly unique example worthy of the finest and most exclusive streets of Beverly Hills. As such, the car has been adorned with a light matte grey wrap as well as an eye-catching set of matte red Forgiato wheels. Additionally, white brake calipers are visible while the typically black side skirts are now matte grey as well.

Details about this specific 458 Spider aren’t known but in all likelihood, it wasn’t purchased brand new by Tyga considering the launch the 488 GTB earlier in the year. Whatever the case may be, we know it is fitted with a potent 4.5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine delivering 562 hp and revving to an addictive 9000 rpm.


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