Wife Destroys Unfaithful Husband's Audi R8

Photos have emerged on social media channels which appear to show an Audi R8 which has been well and truly destroyed. We are told that the damage wasn’t caused by a freak storm or a brutal car crash. Instead, this Audi R8 fell foul of an angry wife who caught her husband cheating on her with another woman.

The red Audi R8 V8 seems to have been given a thorough beating by the angry spouse. Every body panel looks to have had some form of insult scribed into it, panels have been cut open, lights and glass smashed… and thats just the exterior!

Angry Wife Smashes Husband's Audi R8

Inside, the wife has really gone to town. The leather seats have been slashed, valuable infotainment systems have been stolen and the dials have been completely removed. Electrical wires are hanging from the roof and the car looks an utter mess.

It seems that the damage would probably make this particular Audi R8 a write-off. The pictures reveal leaves and other debris inside the R8 which suggests it has probably stood open for a while since the attack. We’re not sure where the photos were taken or where it all happened.

Angry Wife Smashes Husband's Audi R8

The photos emerged shortly after spyshots of the 2016 Audi R8 emerged. We suspect that the husband will soon be calling his dealership to order the replacement model. That is of course if the impending divorce doesn’t bankrupt him!

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  1. A guy cheats on his wife, she destroys a prized possession of his, and you call her a stupid bitch? I’d say she is smart enough to know what mattered to the POS who cheated on her.

    • And you know that because . . .

      If a divorce/dissolution petition was filed that wouldn’t be true. And not all states have community property laws. Nor do most foreign countries.

      So, pray tell, where did this vandalism occur and how do you know no divorce or dissolution petition had yet been filed?

  2. Look at the scrawled writing on the trunk and tail panel. The tears to the interior and dash all busted up. She spent a good deal of time doing this and probably relished it. A psychotic, disordered woman and an immature, ego maniacal adulteror husband. The deserve each other, end of story.

  3. I would have just made him sell it or pay me half of what it’s worth in the divorce proceedings :) but she did a good job of destroying his ego toy lol

  4. Abviously the ones sayn crazy Bitch.. Stupid.. Blah,blah have never had a spouse cheat on them. Enough said. You have NO idea what that does to a person , until you’ve been there! Don’t judge her!


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