$195 Million Home in Beverly Hills

A massive 25-acre estate in Beverly Hills has just hit the market for an incredible $195 million making it the most expensive house in the U.S. currently for sale.

The property is known as the Palazzo di Amore (Palace of Love) and is owned by billionaire real estate mogul Jeff Greene. It took Greene almost eight years to develop the estate as an investment property after purchasing the site in 2007.

The house itself measures 53,000 square feet and includes 12 bedrooms as well as 23 bathrooms. It also includes its own vineyard and winery, a dedicated bowling alley, 50-seat cinemas room, a tennis court and a massive swimming pool.

Discussing the property Greene recently said, “True to its name, Palazzo di Amore, this estate has been a labor of love for me. I can honestly say that this property is an incomparable crown jewel without an equal.”

$195 Million Home in Beverly Hills

If Palazzo di Amore does sell for its asking price it will easily beat out the $147 million compound which sold earlier this year and became America’s most expensive property.

[Via NY Daily News]

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  1. I am all about free enterprise and capitalism. But this is embarrassingly way over kill. Maybe they can take some of the proceeds from the sale and help “Evil chick Clinton” make some of her house payments? Just saying…

  2. This is stupid, there is no way anyone can convince me into spending that much for a home no matter how much money I have. Who the hell wants a private bowling alley these days? Why would anyone want a 50 seat private theatre? You only need 1 seat, maybe 20 max if You want friends to join. Why would anyone want their own private vineyard? I can’t imagine the amount of money it would cost to maintain it and I seriously doubt the wine you would get from it would be any better than whatever you could buy. Why not a private race track, a servicing garage, a 24/7 maintenance crew, a helipad with a hanger and maybe even a decent sized private lake instead? I would really love to know how good of an investment this property is for the current owner, I can’t imagine him making that much off of it after all construction and maintenance cost. In fact I’m willing to bet he may be losing some money once it sells, I doubt it’ll be sold for $195M.


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