Mint Green Lexus LFA at Cars & Coffee Hamburg, Germany

While production of the Lexus LFA finished back in late 2012, the Japanese supercar continues to amaze all around the world thanks to its rarity, addictive V10 growl and unique styling. The following LFA you are looking at is one of the most eye-catching out there thanks to its Mint Green paint job.


While on first appearances this LFA may just appear to be white like so many others, once you look closely and your eyes have adjusted, a light green tint begins to emerge. Inevitably the green finish would be more notable in person, but Italian Car King Photography has sent us through these images showing the unique LFA up close.

As you would imagine, this is the only Lexus LFA finished in this colour. Inside, it incorporates red and orange parts to really distinguish the cabin from the exterior.

Mint Green Lexus LFA at Cars & Coffee Hamburg, Germany



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